Ashot Shagirian, P.E.

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Other Skills I Developed and Successfully Applied during last 25 years in the USA:

On a Management Level:

Opened, organized and successfully ran several private companies, profit and non-profit, although not directly related to Structural Engineering. Was CEO and co-founder of international trading company with few subsidiaries, leader of 120 employees in US, Russia and Belgium.

Honed my management skills, analyzed eye-opening employee/employer human factor conflicts solutions, attained first hand knowledge of customer service and ability to achieve their sustained relationship, developed strong accounting knowledge, along with skills to negotiate, deal, solve, make quick right decisions  working and co-operating with many professionals from different internal/external departments in many areas, such as finance, legal, human resources, public relations, private investors or share-holders, public organizations, their employees and management staff.

On a Technical Level

(besides Structural Engineering Softwares, such as RISA3D, Enercalc, SKIA, etc.):

Being a strong supporter of good database system, computer networking, digital printing and publishing, web presence, computer aided design and drafting, BIM, landscape/terrain mapping, electronic payroll and payment transactions, I developed and apply on a daily basis my very strong knowledge of:

  • BIM with VectorWorks: 3D/2D CAD, ArcGIS
  • All Adobe Products, Quark Express and all Microsoft Office Products
  • FileMaker Pro Developer Database program, Project Management Software
  • File and Media Server
  • QuickBooks Pro

and many others ...