Ashot Shagirian, P.E.

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My Portfolio:

In Armenia ( @ ArmGosProect - country's major State Architectural Firm):

Actively participated in CADD design of some landmark projects:

Gravity and Seismic Design of Airport, Velodrome, Stadium, Sport & Concert Hall, Multistory Residential, Complex Landscape, Reinforced Concrete Buildings, designed using mainframe and mini-computers.

In  CA, USA ( @ Manna Consultants, Tudor, Parsons, MGA & SDCS, OKSN Associates):

Gravity and Seismic Design for Muni and CalTrans retrofit projects, Asphalt Plant, Seismic Retrofit of tall buildings & libraries, retrofit of URM buildings, new Steel and Wood structures, Retaining Walls, Caissons, Pools, Shoring structures, etc.

1981 International Airport (EVN) - Design of reinforced concrete frames
1981 Velodrome in Armenia. Framing design.
1983 Soccer Stadium, Yerevan - Design of reinforced concrete frames
1980's Samples of my structural design and drafting of many structures in Armenia
1984 Sport Complex in Armenia. Structural analysis of frame and concrete roof panels
1985 High-Tech Factory complete structural design in Armenia
Residential Complex on Steep Terrain in Armenia
1987 Structural Design and drafting of Reinforced Concrete Frames and Wall Panels
1988 Employed at Manna Consultants, S.F.
1989 Rehab work. Structural Engineering - subcontracting
1990 Northern California. Earthquake retrofits
1990 Retrofit of multi-story URM buildings in Southern California
1991 Retrofit of multi-story URM buildings in Southern California
1994 High-Tech Factory complete Set-up and management
Involved with Remodeling and New Construction Design
2005 Special Magazine - Complete Design and Desktop Publishing
2006 Multistory Steel Structure analysis in Risa-3D
2001-2008 Design of many small residential houses
2006 Vectorworks 3D - Three story special reinforced concrete, steel with many details
2006 Vectorworks 3D - Three story special reinforced concrete and steel with many details
Vectorworks 3D - Structural Wood
Samples of Structural design: Pools, Retaining Walls, Caissons